Empower your team: specialized wastewater treatment training by MCR Process & Technology

Ensuring the resilience of your effluent treatment requires a skilled and instantly available workforce. At MCR, we emphasize the importance of fostering in-house expertise to address current challenges independently, making staff training a crucial investment.

Our tailored training programs, initiated in 1995, are designed for on-site delivery, focusing on building specific wastewater treatment competencies. Explore our training offerings:

  1. Training for effluent treatment plant operators and managers (3 x 4 hours):
    • Customized sessions equipping operators and managers with essential skills.
  2. Training for mill managers (4 hours):
    • Targeted training for mill managers to enhance understanding and decision-making.
  3. Basic microscope examination training (5 hours theory in a group and 6 hours per person):
    • In-depth training covering the fundamentals of microscope examination.
  4. Training for technicians in charge of the effluent treatment plant (40 hours):
    • Comprehensive training program spanning 40 hours to empower technicians.
  5. Training of an internal trainer for laboratory analysis:
    • Building internal capacity for proficient laboratory analysis through specialized training.

If you wish to delve deeper into our services or request a detailed course syllabus, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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