Spare parts and repair services

Repair services

Obtaining Service: Please contact us for repair services. Never ship an instrument to us without prior telephone or written contact. Often the problem is a relatively simple one that you can solve yourself with our direction.

You will need to provide:

  1. Your name
  2. Direction
  3. Instrument model and serial number.

If the instrument is under warranty, we will repair or replace the unit and pay for roundtrip shipment. If the instrument is not under warranty shipping costs both ways are your responsibility.

Warranty on repair services is 3-months.

Spare parts

We don’t provide internal spare part components as they need to be replaced by us, but the following
spare parts are available:

  • Stiro-settlometer cylinders
  • Minimix jar module or individual jars
  • CLM individual jars with or without sampling ports and accessories
  • CLM black and white background screens
  • CLM dust covers
  • For sampling accessories, we will give you a link to buy these items directly from the suppliers.
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