Microscopic examination of activated sludge

Microscopic Excellence: Unveiling Wastewater Insights with MCR’s Diagnostic Mastery

« Bugs never lie… » In memory of Dr. Robert M. Arthur

Discover the power of microscopic examination as the fastest and most effective diagnostic tool when suspecting shocks or process degradation in your activated sludge system. Our comprehensive examination provides insights into various aspects, including:

  1. Nature of settling problems:
    • Identification of filamentous bulking or non-filamentous bulking.
  2. Sludge settling properties:
    • Assessment of floc morphology in relation to settling.
  3. Recent biological process shocks:
    • Detection and evaluation of recent impacts on the biological process.
  4. Operational issues:
    • Identification of dissolved oxygen problems, sludge age control issues, in-situ septicity problems linked to specific indicators or filamentous bacteria types.
  5. Nutrient deficiencies:
    • Assessment of lack of nutrients based on observations of external or internal polysaccharides and certain filamentous bacteria types.
  6. Chlorination strategy effectiveness:
    • Evaluation of the efficiency of the chlorination strategy on filamentous bacteria.
  7. Oil and grease presence:
    • Detection of oil and grease in the effluents.

Efficient procedure:

  1. MCR Procedure sends you a simple shipping process for your sample.
  2. Receive a detailed report in PDF format within 72 business hours of sample receipt.

Trusted service since 1995:

Offering this service to the Pulp and Paper industry since 1995, we invite you to contact us to learn more or request an example of a microscopic report.

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