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MCR Process & Technology was founded in 1995 in the Quebec city area. Our mission is to contribute to the success of our customers by offering them know-how and technology they need to solve their water and wastewater treatment problem.

At first, MCR has been involved in the field of engineering for the design and construction of numerous wastewater treatment systems. Over the years, our area of expertise focused gradually towards the operation and development assistance and operation products.

Today MCR no longer offers engineering services and acts primarily as a business advisor in wastewater treatment to its customers. We offer specialized services in the field of the operation and troubleshooting of treatment facilities and staff training services to help our customers develop their internal expertise.

With an operations background, we recognized the importance of adequate laboratory and pilot-scale testing and evaluation procedures to successful design and effective operation of treatment processes. This leads to the development of tools to help operators in their day-to-day operation survey and process control.

Thus, we are proud to reintroduce an upgraded version of the Jar tester line developed by Dave Harris of EC Engineering Inc. (Minimix, CLM4 and CLM6) in addition to the Stiro-settlometer that we have been manufacturing for over 20 years.