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Microscopic examination of activated sludge

Microscopic examination of activated sludge
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MCR Process & Technology, established in 1995 in the Quebec City area, is dedicated to advancing the success of our customers throughout Canada and the USA, specifically within the Pulp and Paper industry. Our mission revolves around providing the expertise and cutting-edge technology necessary to address and resolve wastewater treatment challenges for our valued clients.

At its inception, MCR emerged as a key player in engineering, specializing in the design and construction of diverse wastewater treatment systems. As time progressed, our focus evolved to encompass comprehensive services, including operational support, development assistance, and product offerings.

Presently, MCR stands as a leading provider of specialized services, excelling in the operation and troubleshooting of various treatment facilities such as activated sludge, lagoons, flotation, sludge dewatering, primary treatment, aeration, and more. Additionally, we extend our expertise through staff training services, empowering our clients to enhance their in-house capabilities.

With a profound background in operations, we recognize the pivotal role of rigorous laboratory testing and evaluation procedures in ensuring the efficacy of treatment processes. This realization has driven us to develop cutting-edge tools that aid operators in daily operation surveys and process control.

We take pride in reintroducing an enhanced version of the Jar tester line, originally developed by Dave Harris of EC Engineering Inc. (including Minimix, CLM4, and CLM6). Complementing this offering is the Stiro-settlometer, a product we have successfully manufactured for over 30 years, reinforcing our commitment to delivering quality products and services tailored to the evolving needs of the wastewater treatment industry.

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