How to order

Request a quote

Fill the quote form available on the web page for each product.

Quotations will normally be emailed to you within 1-2 business days after we received your request.


With Purchase order (PO)

NOTE: We will not fill any “Supplier Approval Process forms” unless the process itself is simple and quick. We can’t enter this process for each customer.

Please ensure the purchase order includes:

  • PO number;
  • Payment terms net 30 days;
  • “Bill to” address and “Ship to” address;
  • Contact name, contact phone number, contact email address (this is where order confirmation and tracking number will be sent);
  • Items being ordered and prices as quoted.
  • For orders shipped outside Canada and to accelerate Custom Clearance, you can provide us your Company business number (Tax ID number) so we can add it on the shipping invoice.

Purchase orders can be submitted:

Confirmation by e-mail

If you don’t use any company PO system, a simple e-mail confirmation that you want to buy the product is enough to start the production process.

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