Toxicity testing to biomass

The use of new chemicals or existing product dosage changes in your production pose potential risks to biological treatment processes.

Bacteria, even if they are aerobic or anaerobic, can’t treat everything. Some chemicals may be toxic or inhibitory to their bioactivity. A major loss of activity can cause a complete malfunction of biological treatment with the consequences one can imagine on the final effluent results.

So why take the risk when the technological tools are available to quickly assess the impact of these products on the bacteria in your treatment.
The biomass toxicity analysis is performed by respirometry and based on the OECD and ASTM guidelines. The results are presented so that it is easy to transpose the results in quantity used on a real basis.

To date more than thirty clients have used our services to test more than 200 products before use in their production. If the Client has several products to evaluate at the same time, it is possible to achieve economies because MCR has the ability to test three products simultaneously.

Toxicity biomass respirometry testing will answer the following questions:

  • Does the proposed chemicals are toxic or not to your biological process?
  • In the affirmative:
    • At what concentration 50% of the biological activity (EC-50) is inhibited?
    • What is the inhibition threshold (IT) from which the biological activity is beginning to be affected?

With these data in hand we are able to translate these values into the actual amount of products in the effluent. From there you will be able to make the right decisions about the potential risks of using these products.

For an example of a biomass toxicity report contact us.