Operational problems expertise

MCR specialty since 1995 are the operating problems related to the world of wastewater treatment.

We have developed a unique expertise to solve some very complex problems and over the expertise we have developed tools to help diagnose problems and find solutions.

To meet the needs of our clients we are making expertise to find solutions to the following problems:

  • Search an effluent treatment plant solution
  • Final effluent toxicity to trout and / or daphnia
  • Effluent treatment treatability
  • Primary and secondary clarifiers settling problems
  • Proliferation of filamentous bacteria
  • Loss of capacity or performance in sludge dewatering
  • Problem of coagulation / flocculation / flotation
  • On-site measures of water hammer phenomena for wastewater pumping systems.

We also offer other expertise to help our clients in their operations:

  • Monitoring program review and database organization
  • Process Control plan and key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Management and nutrient dosage control